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Many listened to the simulcast of the professor’s testimony on their cell phones, at times looking anguished or openly crying. — Samantha Leach, Glamour, "Elizabeth Warren Has a Powerful Message for Sexual Assault Survivors Watching the Kavanaugh Hearing," 27 Sep.

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Illustration of cell. cell 4 (schematic): A plant, B animal; 1 cell wall, 2 middle lamella, 3 plasma membrane, 4 mitochondrion, 5 vacuole, 6 Golgi apparatus, 7 cytoplasm, 8 nuclear membrane, 9 nucleolus, 10 nucleus, 11 chromatin, 12 endoplasmic reticulum with associated ribosomes, 13 chloroplast, 14 centriole, 15 lysosome.

Small wireless device that has at least the same functions of a standard wired telephone but is smaller and more mobile.A cell phone requires a subscription to a service provider and requires either a prepaid or monthly billing instituteforzentherapy.comlly, they have more functions than traditional land lines and need to be charged after a period of time.

Also called mobile phone or mobile device. of results for "unlocked cell phone definition" Showing selected results. See all results for unlocked cell phone definition.

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