Is capital punishment justified yes

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Capital punishment

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One of the more sophisticated refinements of the blood feud is the website. The other day, however, a friend caught me up short by asking me if I believe that capital punishment is biblically justified. I had to say yes.

To this my friend responded, "How is.

Is capital punishment morally justified ?

Capital Punishment in justified only in the case of a fair retribution for a ravage crime comitted. Report Post.

Like Reply. QNARIK. 1. 2. Justice. The death penalty, in some cases, must be done. It is very hard for a rational person to argue against this. Yes, i think the death penalty is justified. Is Capital Punishment Justified? Close to 90 countries have the death penalty, but nowhere is it debated so often as in the United States where each state can formulate its own policy according to the Constitution.

38 of the 50 states allow the death penalty as a sentence although some, such as Illinois, have recently imposed a moratorium while.

Apr 13,  · Strictly speaking, capital punishment for premeditated murder is justified, since it is equitable, ie, a life for a life. The test for justice is "is the punishment proportional to the crime" and capital punishment is really the only just punishment for deliberately taking a Status: Resolved.

Nov 15,  · News about Capital Punishment, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

Capital Punishment

“Is Capital Punishment Justified†When looking at the issue of whether Capital Punishment is ever Justified, Robert W. Lee believes that it is because it is necessary to punish people to for heinous crimes against society fairly.

Is capital punishment justified yes
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