Our health in our hands

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Horses in Our Hands: The Welfare Challenges Facing the UK's Equine Population

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Digital technology can be harmful to your health

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Planetary and Public Health – its in our hands ?

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Health In Our Hands is an initiative that uses the knowledge, expertise and opinion of people just like you to build a community that influences innovations in healthcare. Health In Our Hands is an initiative that uses the knowledge, expertise and opinion of people just like you to build a community that influences innovations in healthcare by: Recognizing individuals as the experts of their own health by giving them the opportunity to share what health issues are important to them.

Health In Our Hands is a community based and operated organisation run entirely by volunteers. We work in partnership with our local hospital. Our activities are all based around Chronic Disease Self-Management and in particular the Stanford Model for which we hold a licence.

Our Health in Your Hands A campaign has been launched for the Deaf community. It explains that you have a right under law to request an interpreter in a healthcare setting like a hospital and a GP surgery when you need one. $M grant to combat substance abuse, mental health issues Fitness app MIRROR pulls in $38 million in capital, using a reflection to boost your workout Democrats ran and won on health care.

To address the topic of the evening — “Is digital technology destroying our health?” — moderator Chad Terhune, a senior correspondent at California Healthline and Kaiser Health News, asked panel members, “All this digital technology — this explosion we’ve all seen in our hands — is it .

Our health in our hands
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Our health is in our hands, Warsaw