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Caryl Churchill

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Material girls

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Also in she won an Obie for grammatical achievement. TOP GIRLS By Caryl Churchill. She’s been promoted to the top job at a London employment agency and it’s time to celebrate! Her dinner party with famous female figures from throughout history is one of playwright Caryl Churchill’s wittiest and best-known scenes.

Material girls

Top Girls study guide contains a biography of Caryl Churchill, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About Top Girls Top Girls Summary. Caryl Churchill was born on 3 September in London and grew up in the Lake District and in Montreal. She was educated at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

Downstairs, her first play written while she was still at university, was first staged in and won an award at the Sunday Times National Union of Students Drama Fe. Caryl Churchill's Top Girls summed up the s ethos of ambition, ego and greed.

As the play hits the West End 20 years after its premiere, Lyn.

Top Girls Summary

May 21,  · Complete BBC and Open University filmed for television co-production of Caryl Churchill's play. Valuable (and very rare) complementary resource for teachers delivering the text in.

Caryl Churchill (born 3 SeptemberLondon) is a British playwright known for dramatising the abuses of power, for her use of non-naturalistic techniques, and for her exploration of sexual politics and feminist themes.

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